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  • Water Light Graffiti

    Water Light Graffiti

    The "Water Light Graffiti" is a surface made of thousands of LED illuminated by the contact of wate… Tags: ART, LED Syuzi Aug 13, 2012 288 views

  • Don't Touch

    Don't Touch

    In this video, we discuss the design of an e-textile shirt with an interactive Lumalive display fea… Syuzi Aug 8, 2012 142 views

  • Keep Calm and Carry LEDs

    Keep Calm and Carry LEDs

    Keep Calm and Carry LEDs is a biosensor wearable that visualizes the heart rate of its wearers. Vi… Tags: arduino, biometric Syuzi Jun 12, 2012 120 views

  • RolandPad


    Following my first interactive embroidery, I decided to work with the idea of creating a bit more c… Tags: Music Syuzi Jun 6, 2012 110 views

  • Power Glove for Xbox

    Power Glove for Xbox

    Not satisfied with the Microsoft Kinect, Ben attempts to build a Minority-Report-like glove to cont… Tags: Gaming Syuzi Jun 6, 2012 66 views



    Interactive felted textile - Felted capacitive sensors + piano arduino code (lilypad arduino). Proj… Tags: Music Syuzi Jun 6, 2012 178 views

  • Hydro Fold

    Hydro Fold

    Hydro-Fold Printing a mixture of water and ink that causes the paper to fold automatically along w… Syuzi May 30, 2012 201 views

  • TweetDots


    A tweeter client using a refurbished old school electromechanical flip dot sign from a Sydney bus. Syuzi May 30, 2012 73 views

  • Dance Dance Tweet

    Dance Dance Tweet

    Exploring Technology was a module that brought out our big and crazy ideas! The Small Office concep… Tags: Gaming Syuzi May 29, 2012 69 views

  • Virtualized Reality

    Virtualized Reality

    Virtual reality is the creation of an entirely digital world. Virtualized reality is the translatio… John Brieger May 27, 2012 94 views

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