Dash( Thermo-chromic colos/ Photo luminescent color)

Major aim of this project that has been done by Marjan Kooroshnia is to illustrate smart textiles possibilities by creating an art piece installation that hopefully gives people small moment thinking about the death and life through technical solutions as well as concerning aesthetical aspects. Technical solutions are defined as: Color changeability, shaking process, using conductive yarns, using sensor and power supplies.
This art piece installation includes all living creatures such as people all over the world. Butterflies’ wings are in different size and are candidates of all living creatures including human in society living their own daily life . In a way, that audience can communicate with them (butterflies’ wings) by touching them. Emotions of audiences convey as energy.
After touching the butterflies’ wings, the wings start to shake for few seconds; simultaneously their colors will be changed as their reaction. Suddenly one of the wings is falling down and dye. Finally new flower are growing after 5 days.

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