TshirtOS: The First Wearable and Programmable T

The T-shirt is the ultimate canvas for self-expression. The Ts been printed, shredded and pinned, laser cut even, and now thanks to Cute Circuit, the Tshirt has been digitized.


Meet the TshirtOS. It's essentially a wearable platform with a flexible LED display that connects to your iphone, opening up a whole host of fun and expressive opportunities.


The T can display your tweets, play music and display artwork or artist and songs, and even take and display photos. If there is an app for it, I'm sure it will eventually be able to do it. And yes, it indeed is washable. 


Process Photos

Iphone App to take and display photos

Hardware for garment


This project was developed in collaboration with Ballantine's and, although currently a very expensive prototype, they aim to get the price point down to one that you and I may be able to afford. 


All I've got to say is: I want one. 

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Comment by meg on August 7, 2012 at 8:00am

what i like about this is the way they're gauging demand by asking people if they would wear/buy it before they go in to production.  very interested to see if there is enough interest - hope so!

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