TSA Full Body Scanner under-armour SAMBA design

TSA Full Body Scanner under-armour works! This image was a printout from the TSA* of a prototype from our new line of Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) blocking undergarments. Pictured is the SAMBA design. We are currently taking orders and will post the other styles soon, after we book our next flight.

Not only does the TSA under-armour design provide privacy, but the fabric, sequins, and beads are conductive so they block any harmful radiation waves or EMF‘s from the Full Body Scanner. The design cover the body from view, as it protects sensitive tissues from harmful x-rays.



* The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) is rapidly implementing new Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) whole body image scanners for airport security across the USA. There are currently 385 AIT units at 68 airports with plans to employ 500 units by the end of the year. For some Americans, this procedure has bred concerns of privacy and health.

The main concerns of the body scanner are 1.) privacy as the image reveals close to naked portraits that are viewed by ? and possibly recorded, and 2.) the radiation dose that the body is submitted to. The TSA says it is well below the harmful dose limits, but the breast and reproductive organs are more sensitive to such radiation.

The TSA offers an alternative to the screening procedure. For the wary, one may opt out and receive a pat-down instead. This takes more time and raises other privacy issues, so we have designed another option, TSA under-armour.

conductive sequins

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Comment by Melissa Coleman on December 6, 2010 at 1:33am
Another company selling such things is 4th amendmentwear.

They sell undergarments with metallic inks that will print your basic rights on the pictures taken by the TSA.

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