Trailblazer - A GPS Wearable for Active Tourists

Trailblazer is a wearable that navigates runners through unfamillar terrain. The garment is outfitted with six motors controlled by a GPS module. 

I appreciate the playful form factor that gives its user a set of wings and the navigational instinct of a bird. Unfortunately, if their target audience is active tourists, the current form factor isn't practical for a run. Instead it can be used as an exploratory tool to navigate a city — at most for a hike or a casual bike ride. 

With all practicality aside, the obscure form factor is what sets this garment apart from other wearable projects such as Adafruit's DIY Citi Bike "Smart" Helmet or this pair of GPS Shoes for Cyclists


Trailblazer was designed by Gemma Vila, Bert Balcaen, Rafael Vargas Correa, Martin Lukac for an IAAC & ESDI research studio. 


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