Have you flipped through the September of Issue of Vogue? If you haven't, you should. Trust me. Go pick up the behemoth 904 page glossy mag and you may just gain insight into how the fashion industry perceives wearable technology. More thoughts on this coming later this week. 


For now, let's reflect a bit on how they styled the Nike FuelBand with a Cartier bracelet. Chic yes? This naturally led me to inquire how others style their activity tracker of choice. 


Me—with other activity trackers of course. You? Share with me via twitter or in the comments below. 


Glam It Up With Gold 



Bangle It  



Geek Out with a Fitness Watch or SmartWatch



Bling It Out With Crystals

Check out this video of this DIY sparkly Fuelband!


His and Hers



Matchy-matchy with Your Nails



Punk it up with Studs, Leopard or, Better Yet, a Tattoo



Wear It In Unexpected Ways


How do you wear your tracker? 


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