The Voice Knitter: Clothing Knit from the Sound of Your Voice


Trikoton is a berlin-based fashion house that poetically fuses fashion, technology and culture to create custom knits. Trikoton "transfers voices into clothes" by converting the frequency bands of an audio message into binary codes for custom knitting patterns.


Customers create their voice pattern via an online flash interface and the custom pattern is then designed into basics: sweaters, leggings, scarves and vests.The garments are intimate and simple knits with a sober color palate that serve as canvas for the voice patterns.


Trikoton, as a company and brand, is the anti-thesis of fast fashion. As an emerging label, it sets forth a new philosophy for future high tech fashion brands. The company is made from an interdisciplinary team of fashion, product and interactive designers breaking from the traditional paradigm of a fashion house.


The company also works locally yet has a global reach. Working with local manufacturers, they meld traditional and new technologies creating innovative pret-a-porter pieces. Utilizing simple web technologies, they are able to develop simple interfaces that allow customers anywhere to become intimately involved in crafting their fashions.


The end result is personalized, one-of-a-kind wearables infused with the customer's own story and crafted from a sustainable ideology.

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