The Making of Illuminated Stage wear

Costuming is one of the first fields where we saw wearable technology gain momentum. Before talk of Fuelbands and Pebble smart watches, we had creative teams of engineers and designers making interactive costumes durable enough to sustain the stress, perspiration and movement of  performance artists, dancers and musicians. The challenge of making interactive stagewear isn't just the performance, but, more importantly, creating wearables that are conceptually unique and aesthetically dazzling.

This behind the scenes video gives a glimpse into the design process for the Black Eyed Peas illuminated costumes for The Beginning Tour. 

Fergie's foxy catsuit was designed with 175 OLED panels remotely controlled to create patterns in sequence to to the set-list. While's leather getup mimicked an equalizer and Taboo's futuristic costume was bedazzled with nearly 1000 illuminated silicone studs. 

Black Eyed Peas costumes were designed with a star-packed team including stylist B. Akerlund, fashion technologist Nancy Tilbury from StudioXO and lighting engineer Rogier Van Derheide.


Hat Tip: 3lectromode

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