TEI kicked off today with a great opening keynote by Professor John Frazer, who gave an overview of his work and a brief history of how Tangible Interfaces have evolved over the years. Two paper sessions followed, the first focusing on "Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds" and the second "Toolkits and Enabling Technologies". For more on paper topics visit TEI's program page. In the afternoon the demo room was open so participants could touch/feel and experience some of the projects talked about throughout the conference.

Tangible Lightscapes by Alice Pintus

I had a chance to talk with Bio Circuit Vest creators Holly Schmidt and Dana Ramler and see the garment in person as they demonstrated it. I got to peek inside and see how it worked - it is a beautiful, well constructed piece.

Bio Circuit Vest (image via http://www.danaramler.com)

I also caught up with Jie Qi who is at the conference to present the Electronic Popable Book she worked on with Leah Buechley. We are both going to be attending the Wireless Wearables studio session tomorrow, can't wait to get making!

There were so many projects to see, I took a lot of pictures (they are in my album TEI Conference). I've got some videos that I will post once I get them edited. Stay tuned for some more updates as the conference continues.

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