TECHNOSENSUAL Review + Interview with Studio Roosegaarde


First developed as a collaboration between Studio Roosegaarde, and V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, earlier editions of the “INTIMACY” fashion project involved both Maartje Dijkstra and Anouk Wipprecht as fashion designers. This recent version continues to make use of the changing capacities of  the studio’s patented “e-foil” or “e-paper” made of fluid LCD cells. This is the same chemical engineered substrate as seen in the first iterations, with the capacity to transform from opaque to transparent when electrically charged. “INTIMACY 2.0” is now one step closer to becoming market-ready, having been finessed in form-fitting leather, and a more “wearable” silhouette. The dress also continues to explore personal interaction scenarios set forth in the first iterations, through a response system that gages the proximity of others in the room to transform the e-foil’s effects.

Intimacy 2.0 Interactive fashion by Studio Roosegaarde on Vimeo.

Q: What is your background?
Artist/architect/pioneer, studying Arts and a Master in Architecture. I grew up with microchips in my muesli.

Q: What led you to your being involved in fashion and technology?
The fascination to create 'second skins'.

Q: What kinds of materials and technologies are used and integrated into your designs? Could you describe the process / challenges / advantages of using these particular materials in fashion and garments?
INTIMACY is a high-tech fashion project exploring the relation between intimacy and technology. Its high-tech garments are made out of opaque smart e-foils that become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people. In response to the heartbeat of each person, INTIMACY becomes more or less transparent. Social interactions determine the garmentsʼ level of transparency, creating a sensual play of disclosure.

The smart material is developed with our electronic paper (e-paper) factory. Currently Studio Roosegaarde is working with haute couture designers to develop the next INTIMACY fashion line for men and women. We are also working on more flexible material and colour variations!

Q: What does technology add to fashion?
It becomes alive, starts to trigger emotions, a smart skin.

Q: If you could have anyone alive or dead wearing your fashion-tech design, whom would you pick, and where would they be?
The girl on a red carpet somewhere in L.A.

Q: How do you envision the everyday fashion-tech of the future?
Wearable, very wearable.

Vienna, August 2012

Photograph Copyright: Anouk Wipprecht/Robert Lunak

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