TACTILU - A Wearable for Remote Tactile Communication

TACTILU is a refreshing example of a wearable research project that explores the potentials of haptic and tactile communication. Similar to Cute Circuit's Hug Shirt, the wearable bracelet remotely communicates "touch." Rather than using motors for actuation, TACTILU instead explores nitinol springs and QTC (quantum tunneling composite) as the touch sensor.

Using several nitinol springs allows for a more organic and multidimensional experience of "touch" versus the typical buzz of a small motor. The project is a work in progress and designed by Jakub Koźniewski, Piotr Barszczewski, and Krzysztof Goliński.

Why This is Important

In the near future, we can imagine the important role that vibro-tactile interfaces will play as a medium for communication. Various vibration patterns that combine both intensity and rhythm will become a new ambient, and highly intimate, body computing language that will move users away from a touch-screen to wearable tactile displays.

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Tags: Body Computing, Smart Materials, vibro-tactile displays


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