T.Ware's T.Jacket: A Therapy Management Wearable for Autistic Children

Developed in early 2012, T.Ware is a remote controlled jacket which applies pressure when triggered to simulate a hug. The wearable is designed for autistic children to reduce anxiety and nervous reactions. Autistic children often react abruptly to new environments, different routines, loud noises and new faces which can disrupt learning and development according to Muhammad Hafiz. The application of deep pressure on an autistic child experiencing an anxiety attack has a calming and caring affect. T.Ware’s solution is their T.Jacket which simulates a hug and has a calming effect on the wearer.


The intelligent control unit is embedded within the T.Jacket which is controlled and monitored through a mobile device such as smart phone or tablet. Through the interface the caretaker or parent of an autistic child is able to control the strength of pressure and time it is applied – simulating a comforting hug.

The added advantage is that a caretaker or parent can apply the customized calming hugs to a multiple children at once in accordance to their needs. The exchange of data between the device and the child wearing it is recorded and monitored in real time and data exchanged through the internet.

According to Roshni Mahtani, founder and CEO of TheAsianParent.com, the jacket could revolutionize the market and the need for such devices. This product is a brilliant example of assistive wearable technology solving needs of underserved communities through simple solutions.


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