Switches From Conductive Ink and Paper

A lovely study of switches made from conductive inks and paper by Atsuhito Sekiguchi, James Gibson, Akira Segawa, Keiko Kobayashi Julien Jassauo Ami Kanoh, Akemi Nanya, Takashi Kondo, Takashi Honda and Ryusei Sakamoto.
Designed by Akira Segawa

Designed by Takashi Honda

Designed by Takashi Kondo

Designed by James Gibson

Designed by Akira Segawa

Designed by Ryusei Sakamoto

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Comment by Syuzi on April 27, 2011 at 12:19pm
matt, you can also use the conductive ink on non-flammable textiles or other mediums that are less likely to catch aflame as a start.
Comment by Matt Dorsey on April 27, 2011 at 11:58am

this is neat.  i bought a "conductive ink" pen from radio shack last week with the intention of posting a "light up" ad on one of my school's bulletin boards.  one of my concerns though is that of accidentally starting a fire because I will not be around to monitor the ad.  


That brings up the issue of "trust" as mentioned in one of the blog posts of the e textile conference.  I don't think I could confidently say that electricity flowing through a garment, or in this case paper, would not cause a fire. 


All it would take is one such accident to derail and discredit the momentum of wearable technology or any technology involving circuits outside its traditional medium.


I would love to see a blog post talking about precautions one should take when working with said technology.



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