Sporty Supaheroe — Fully Integrated Etextile High-tech Safety Cycling Jacket That Keeps You Visible At Night

Most of the wearable technology on the market today falls into the accessories category, predominately taking form as electronics wrapped in silicone intended to be worn on your wrist. 


When I began researching wearables 8 years ago, what initially drew me into the field was the potential to create “electronic skins.” Conductive threads and woven electronic textiles was my gateway to the wearable technology frontier. 


But combining electronics and textiles is not an easy task. Companies seem to have abandoned a future in e-textiles entirely and instead invested all their energy in creating flexible PCBs. 


That is why projects like Sporty Supaheroe — designed by Wolfgang Langeder and engineered by Fraunhofer IZM and Stretchable Circuits — are significant. 


You may balk at paying $1850 for an illuminated cycling jacket, but — if you have the spare cash— what you are investing in is research and a vision. Ya, ya — that all sounds idealistic but recognize that everyone who has purchased a Google Glass is too investing in an idea. 


The beauty of the Sporty Supaheroe is the soft, flexible, washable circuitry that can comfortably conform to the body. 


For those without 2K to spare, there is a $200 light belt and $400 bag also available. 


Sporty Supaheroe is seeking $69K and has 35 days to go. 


Learn more about their Indiegogo Campaign here.

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Comment by meg on February 28, 2014 at 10:36am

Ha, I was just checking to see if you had featured this! I was also excited to see their campaign and curious if wearable tech fans will put their money where their mouths are and invest in this state-of-the-art offering. I hope so!

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