Smart Textiles You've Yet to See

You've probably seen water-repellant textiles where droplets of water miraculously bubble upon contact with the fabric. You may even own a pair of moisture-wicking workout pants. Smart fabrics have slowly made their way into the consumer market primarily in fitness wear but the potentials of using  smart textiles with such fantastical capabilities stil remains relatively unexplored. 

Below are five magical materials that will capture you're imagination and provide a glimpse to the novel functional properties of our future wardrobe. 

Self-Repairing Fabric

In the near future you may never need to mend a pair of socks. Just watch the video — it's incredible. 

Aloe Vera Fabric 

Infused with microscopic, airtight and waterproof aloe vera "capsules," your clothes will not only protect you from the wind and rain but also nourish your skin. 

Wrangler's Denim Spa jeans promises to keep your skin smooth and moisturized. You can purchase them from Asos of $144.

Water Soluble Textiles

Clothes that dissolve and disappear may solve Fashion Fashion's sustainability crisis. 

Environmentally Responsive Fabrics

Similar to the way our skin responds with goosebumps when we feel a slight chill, our garments will too be subtly and poetically responsive to environmental factors. CLIMATOLOGY is an exploration of the way our environments and garments may shift shape and color in response to environmental changes such as moisture, heat and light. 


Putting microbes to work, Suzanne Lee grows a flexible, translucent material with similar properties to leather. 

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Comment by Paige Eager on July 17, 2013 at 5:09am

Inspiring post! 

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