Smart Fashion That Fights Malaria

According to World Health Organization, about 3.3 billion people — half the world's population— are at risk of malaria. In 2010 alone, there were an estimated 219 millions cases of malaria and 660,000 reported deaths. Malaria prevention typically consists of using long-lasting insecticidal nets (essentially bed nets ) and indoor spraying of pesticides to control mosquito pollutions. 

With her Spring 2012 collection 'Njehringe,' Matilda Ceesay takes a more personal approach to malaria prevention. Ceesay has designed garments that use a new, experimental smart fabric infused with insecticide "crystals" that are safer and more durable than current skin-based repellent sprays. 

The significance of Ceesay's work hints at the new, evocative role for fashion that moves beyond protection and closer towards prevention.

In the near future, we may soon expect our garments not only to protect us from the rain and wind, but also from the sun's dangerous ultra violet rays, insect-born diseases, and even environmental toxins. 

Considering that the most vulnerable population for malaria are children, I would love to see a line of protective clothing — specifically pajamas – designed for kids.

via designboom

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