SEAL: A Wearable Device for Kids that Protects Them From Drowning

SEAL is a waterproof necklace that essentially monitors your child and warns you if your child is drowning. The system can monitor several children at once so it can be used in a public pool setting in elite country clubs if families can afford the $150 price tag per kid. 

SEAL is currently seeking 85K on Indiegogo. 

There is very little information on the technology but I'm assuming it's a combination of an accelerometer to detect if the child has stopped moving as well as a water sensor that detects if the child is submerged under water for a period of time. 

Besides the price point (which of course will decrease with volume), SEAL is not really designed for kids. Regardless whether or not it is ergonomically designed, it simply does not look like something any kid would want to wear. Like Glass, any kid doning SEAL looks geeky and will essentially be teased. And if you can't get them to wear it, the product is rendered useless. 

Simply put: great concept, bad design. SEAL needs to make the wearable device desirable and fun for kids to wear — otherwise it will be quickly abandoned poolside. 

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