Roundup of Creative Conductive Materials & E-textile Techniques

For you, this lovely Friday afternoon, I have gathered some fun and funky explorations by the DIY and e-textile community. From conductive liquid to conductive pompoms, I hope these material experiments will entice you make something this weekend!


Snap-on LED for 9V Battery

LED Battery Snap

(I hope there is a resistor somewhere in this design)

Conductive Fluid

Conductive Liquid

Conductive fluid made from a combination of water, salt, and graphite.
Visit and check out the video below.

Conductive PomPoms

Conductive PomPoms

Conductive pompoms made with a combination of conductive & ordinary wool by

Mobius Circuit

Mobius Circuit
Mobius Circuit using conducive from Evil Mad Scientists

Dual Pressure Sensor

Dual pressure sensor created from stitched resistors used in by Lara Grant

Conductive Felt Pressure Sensor

Conductive felt pressure sensor by Lara Grant

Stretchy Knit Cable

Stretchy Knit COnductive Cables

Stretchy knit cable to isolate conductive thread by

Remember if you make something, please share!

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