RiSR - A Wearable Sensor Network that Helps You Land Dates


I'm not a 100% sure if this is a spoof on wearable technology or a real product, but considering the longevity of the video, I do believe that RiSR is indeed a new wearable tech product aimed at bettering you and your love life. 


For those of you who always feel awkward in your own body, RiSR promises to teach you how to improve your body language for a better, more confident you.


Designed as a net of sensors synced up to an infrared camera, the wearable sensor network corrects your body posture through vibration feedback. 


RiSR is no ordinary posture correction device — it is a "social" device that promises to teach every fumbling, nervous sweaty-palmed man how to woo his date and every "insecure" women how to command respect in the office.


What is absolutely bizarre about the system is the downright context the technology is being situated. The system offers "spot-on posture evaluations in every situation" offering the user suggestions based on his own body language (captured through the sensors) and the body language of the person he is interacting with (captured through the camera). You do need to go through a pretty intense calibration and learning phase in order to properly interpret the vibration feedback and for the system to learn about your body and habits. Once tuned, the system is ready to aid you through the most complex social interactions. 


I suppose we have to give the brave CEO credit for trying to develop a wearable posture monitoring system outside of the fitness context, but this to me is a technology without real context.


So what do think his lady friend will think when he takes his shirt off? 

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Comment by meg on September 5, 2012 at 12:00am

oh thorsten stuhm, chemistry assistant, don't change too much... but when you're comfortable negotiating life without the RiSR, please send it to us so that we can open it up to find out how they made the elastic data network connections!

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