'Repel' Lets People Know When They've Invaded Your Personal Space


Just when I began to think that this small (albeit rapidly growing) field of wearable tech was getting a little too serious (with all the focus on health and wellness projects), I discover a cheeky project by media artist Zac Ong that makes me smile. 


Many wearables often use technology to bring people together (aka Hug Shirt) so it's quite refreshing to see a project that  — well — kinda warns people when they've come a little too close for comfort. 


Repel is an over-the-top warning system that shoots a laser beam at strangers when they've invaded your personal space. The closer they get, the faster the laser and animated buttons spin. 


I bet you every DIY Dad will strap one of these things onto their tween to wear to their first junior high dance. 

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