Ping— A Social Networking Garment

Ping— A Social Networking Garment

So if my predictions for wearable technology in 2010 are correct, we will be seeing more networked garments in the vain of Ping surfacing this year. Ping, developed by Jennifer Darmour, is a socially networked garment that allows you to stay connected with your Facebook pals offscreen.

Ping extends our virtual relationships into the real world creating an embodied social experience. Using gestures such as putting on and taking off the hood, you can automatically send messages and update your Facebook status.

Ping— A Social Networking Garment

A Facebook application allows you customize different messages to different groups of friends. Ping is also designed with a feedback loop that sends a gentle tap to your shoulder when a friend of yours comments or replies back. You can also assign different tapping rhythms to different groups so you know exactly which group is communicating with you.

Ping— A Social Networking Garment

The garment was designed using the Lilypad and Lilypad Xbee with custom software to interface with Facebook.

Ping is a wonderful example of a project that uses the embedded technology to enhance our social experiences and enrich our interactions with each other and our environments.

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Comment by Vanessa Sorenson on April 27, 2010 at 5:38pm
I love this.

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