Onemile: A Shared Connection of Experiences

Onemile is a project designed by Yuxi, Hudson and Maz who students at OCAD University, Toronto Canada . Onemile is a hood which allows the wearers to share past experiences between each other. The project aims to extend our understanding of connection and a relationship between people.


Developed using the Arduino and Processing, the hood randomly records the experiences of light, sounds and the footsteps of the wearer when the hood is not worn. The data is transmitted to a base station and transformed into visualization. Simultaneously, the hoodie is swapped with a recording from a different person and playback of the recording is triggered by putting the hood on.

onemile from maziart on Vimeo.


Such networked and dynamic transferral of information allows for a unique conversation to happen anonymously between people. The exchange of data connects two individuals across time, location and experiences by giving them an abstract glimpse into each other's lives.

Their slogan “Never Walk Alone” is precisely what this projects aims to do, using a wearable technology to bridge the gap between strangers.


Take a look at their detailed blog for further technical information and documentation.

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