From commercially available Air Guitar T's to DIY Piano shirts, transforming clothes and the body to musical interfaces is a fun and playful sector of wearable technology. 


The latest project in this genre is a pair electronic drum jeans by young engineer Aseem Mishra. The pants incorporate 8 pressure sensors to imitate a real drumkit. What's great about the sensors is that they are truly pressure sensitive so they respond differently to a light tap of the thigh than to a hard smack. 


The current prototype houses all the circuity including the speakers in a backpack but future prototypes will have a wireless connection.  


The music can be broadcast to the world or listened to privately on a pair of headphones. I simply love the idea of a group of people with a pair of headphones and musical jeans on the metro rockin' out privately to their own tunes. 


Please check out the BBC video here

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