Creative Recreation Illuminated Sneakers

The trend for illuminated shoes is going strong. The latest (what looks to be a prototype) is a pair of sneakers by Creative Recreation and a pair of fiber optic heels by Francesca Castagnacci.

Creative Recreation Illuminated Sneakers

The Creative Recreation sneakers, developed by Moritz Waldemeyer, uses flexible LED panels to decorate the shoe. I particularly love the combination of the circuit boards and the leather and prefer the look of the shoes when "off" — more so than illuminated.

*UPDATE:* The trainers were developed for a film "Step up 3D" to be released this August. They are integrated with motion sensors to create waves of light across the shoes depending on the movements of the dancers.

Francesca Castagnacci Illuminated Shoe

Francesca Castagnacci takes a more ephemeral approach using fiber optics and LEDs loosely draped along the form of the heel.

Francesca Castagnacci Illuminated Shoe

Regardless of your preference, designers are starting to use "light" as part of their visual vocabulary.

If you missed it, check out the earlier post about the Rodarte and Jimmy Choo heels a few months prior.

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