Midi Controller Jacket Demo & Interview about the jacket itself


Working on the Midi Jacket has been a great challenge. After more than 6 months of investigation and different versions of the jacket we are finally approaching the final version.


MACHINA's launch had a special musican guest to modify, interact and play with the Midi Controller Jacket. His name is Moi from a band called "Los Macuanos". Los Macuanosare a definition of "latin" and "tropical" music emphasizing experimental and radical mix in their tunes. 


Working with a musician gave us the opportunity to have a broad input on the characteristics of the jacket and his opinion about the functionality. Later in the video you can see MACHINA's electronic artist Leslie Garcia interview Moi about his conception of interacting a full week on the jacket. 


The jacket seen on the video is not the only model. There is 5 other design jacket models with the same midi controller technology to be seen.


MACHINA (@M_A_C_H_I_N_A) will soon be selling the jacket in two different colors with and without the technology through www.machina.cc


For more detailed information of the MACHINA's Midi Controller Jacket check out my previous post or stay put for more!

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