The materiability research network is a community platform, an educational network and an open materials database. It was initiated by Manuel Kretzer in late 2012 and emerged from a joint initiative between the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, ETH Zürich and Interaction Design, Zürich University of the Arts.

Funded in a believe in unrestricted access to information and knowledge it is strongly driven by a community that finds equal inspiration in digital creation and physical making. This platform brings together architects, artists, designers, students, scientists and researchers who share a common fascination with smart, programmable materials and their potential integration into architecture and design to create softer, more dynamic environments.

The website forms a continuously growing database on a wide range of materials, provides in depth instructions and tutorials to self-produce these materials and promotes their assembly in temporary and speculative experimental projects.

By registering to this network you will gain access to the materials database and tutorials, profile information and the possibility to exchange with fellow members and are highly encouraged to share and display your work as part of the network or engage in discussions in the forum. Depending on your activity within the community your status will change and you can gain access to extra information and details. Certain projects might also get featured and posted in other categories.

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