Lullaby: An Interactive Networked Quilt

Developed by Alberto Elizondo, Roberto Picerno, Francesca Pizzutilo, Lullaby is an illuminated quilt that bridges the distance between a parent and a child geographically apart through interactive play. Touching a quadrant on one quilt, simultaneously illuminates the same pattern on a second quilt. 


Techno-intimacy is the theme that drives Lullaby, using the intimate ritual of bedtime as the context. The quilt itself becomes a visual metaphor of a lullaby, using similar principles such as repetition and simplicity for the gaming dynamics. 



The interaction is quite simple: each quilt is assigned a specific LED color and touching a section of a quilt causes the quilt to illuminate. The quilts are networked so a pattern created by one person is shared with the other. 


The project is beautifully documented here and the process of developing the project is just as lovely as the final prototype itself. 



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Comment by Alberto Elizondo on August 5, 2011 at 11:06am


thanks so much for publishing this! We were really excited to find it online and the way you described our project was really nice. 

We tried different LEDs and thought about different ways of creating this quilt. In the end we decided upon this solution based on the time we had, resources and what we could work with more comfort. 

Comment by Maui Makers on August 3, 2011 at 10:05am

Looks interesting. The use of classic 5mm leds makes it bigger/thicker & requiring more/special padding than SMD leds would. Then again these are fairly inexpensive and  Lilypad SMD LEDs are about $1us each via sparkfun.  I see sparkfun also sells programmable color LEDs in the Lilypad form factor. hmmmm.

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