Crafted from geometric shapes in crisp, precise folds, designer Alice Ziccheddu, in her collection "Living Clothes," sculpts an uncompromisingly modern silhouette with  the aid of technology. Inspired by the study of minerals,  Ziccheddu fashions her garments in 3D software first in order "to reproduce textures and volumes belonging to the natural world." 


Unlike many other designers who experiment with technology as a novel way of form making, Ziccheddu conceptually pushes her collection one step further by also incorporating technology into the garments themselves. Using a light sensor, Lilypad Arduino and nitinol, Ziccheddu creates fashions that collapse and pop-up, changing the silhouette in response to light. 


Ziccheddu's collection is developed around the concept of hybrid clothes and a hybrid body. The results are  beautifully architectured transformative fashion that, I may dare to say, is even wearable. 


Enjoy the concept video below.


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Comment by Matt Dorsey on March 9, 2011 at 7:27am
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