Rhyme & Reason Illuminated Fashion

Mary Huang's latest collection for her haute tech fashion label "Rhyme & Reason" dishes out an entirely new attitude toward knits: distinctly feminine designs illuminated (literally) with light.

Rhyme & Reason Illuminated Fashion

Ms. Huang drapes light across the body as if it were an invisible layer of sheer fabric, adding dimension, volume and texture. The play with light and dark is what sets her designs apart from other illuminated garments and gives her wearables a level of sophistication and refinement that goes beyond mere gimmick.

Rhyme & Reason Illuminated Fashion

Rhyme & Reason Illuminated Fashion

These lovely illuminated wearables are currently being worn by the Indelible Dance Company in their upcoming Illuminate show. So if you're in NY this weekend, check it out!

Teaser video below

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