Knit Alarm: A Cardigan that Doubles as a Medical Alarm

Developed by  Design Research Lab, Knit Alarm is a re-imagining of traditional medical alarms using contemporary materials. A "call for help" is triggered by either stretching the sensor woven into the left cuff or by touching the upper chest with your wrist. The sensors—I'm assuming are simply conductive thread— are knit directly into the cardigan itself. 


The knit cardigan uses bluetooth to connect to a mobile phone which initiates a call to a chosen contact. A set of LEDs also illuminate to indicate that the alarm has been triggered. 


I appreciate the level of refinement of Design Research Lab's prototype although I do question the practicality of using a single piece of garment, particularly a cardigan, as an appropriate medium for a medical alert. To quote Misfit Wearables' CEO Sonny Vu "Wearable tech garments shouldn't have to be remembered to be worn." In the context of a medical alarm, perhaps an accessory seems more suitable. 

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