Katy Perry wears Illuminated Dress By Cute Circuit

Katy Perry Illuminated Dress

Whoa! 2010 must be the year for wearable tech as performers and fashion designers alike flock like moths to the lure of the almighty LED!

Katy Perry walked down the red carpet all aglow last night at the Costume Institute Gala Benefit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The LED dress was designed by Cute Circuit, developers of the Galaxy Dress.

Katy Perry Illuminated Dres

I'm actually quite disappointed that the dress is turned on by a red push button switch that Perry pulls out from her cleavage! Can you believe that!

Katy Perry Illuminated Dres

Check out the video — the interaction seems so awkward!

And of course the interviewer asks whether she's going to get electrocuted if she sweats.

The last question simply points out that we, as a culture, are still rather uncomfortable with the idea of electricity running through the fibers of our fashions — even though we walk around with a wireless headset clipped to our ears and a 3.7 V battery lodged in our back pockets.

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