Holiday Gift Guide: Awesome DIY Kits

DIY Kits

This holiday season give the gift of creating with these wonderful DIY Kits.


Muji LEGO Ki

Muji LEGO Kit

MUJI partners with LEGO to create a set of amazing craft kits that you assemble using a LEGO-sized holepunch and LEGO bricks . Available at MUJI Japan

Glow in the Dark Screenprinting Kits

Glow in the Dark Screenprinting Kit

Screenprinting kit with glow in the dark inks for the smart crafter.
Available at Urban Outfitters for $68.00

Mini Loom Kit

Mini Loom

The Mini Loom kit comes with two shuttles, a beater and a weaving needle along with enough yarn to weave a project.

Available at the Reform School $34.00

Mechanical Music Box Kit

Music Box Kit

Make your own melody on this itty bitty music box.
Available at the Reform School $16.00

Lemon Clock Kit

Lemon Clock

Lemon-powered digital cloak for for the Eco-Geek.
Available at Urban Outfitters for $16.00

Super Sunprint Kit

Sun Print Kit

Sunprint Kits are a fantastic hands-on introduction to the photographic process and a great way to create a lasting reproduction of a natural shape or of a familiar toy or object.

Available at KID O for $18

Remote Control Kit

Remote Control Kit

Make a unique, fabric-based remote control for your iPod & iPhone!
Available at Aniomagic for $20

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