Graduate Collection 2012- Heriot Watt University: School of Textiles & Design

The recent trend for haute-tech clothing really interested me and I wanted to explore the possibilities of integrating different types of technology into performance costume.

I wanted to produce a set of garments that were visually appealing, incorporating some type of smart technology but remained fairly comfortable and functional for the purposes of a performance on stage.

Due to these restraints I could really make some visually striking clothing, but had to carefully think about the comfort factor, especially with the edition of power-boards in the LED Bodysuit. For this outfit and the LED Jumpsuit I used Kitronik sew-able light kits.

Also, for the EL Jacket, many technical difficulties were constantly being fought against, with the technology still remaining vastly temperamental. Glowsafe wire was used for it's sew-able lip which made manufacture very easy. On this garment a battery belt is worn underneath to power the wires.

For the Photochromic Bodice I used a specifically designed filament which changes from either transparent to purple or orange under ultra-violet light. This filament was made by a research postgraduate student at my University.

Overall I am really pleased with the final outfits as I feel they could be worn by a female performer for one or two songs to really push the boundaries of how a singer or artist communicates with their audience and fans. In today's competitive performance industry, it is becoming more and more important to show that you have a unique vision and a clear style that pushes the boundaries of the norm. Wearable technology is slowly becoming more a more popular to further push these boundaries.
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