I'd like to introduce the New project "Knitting Machine Hack and Glitch Knit"

Glitch Knit is an art project for extending the fabric making, information tech, and fashion.


The member Nukeme is a fashion designer uses the method named "Glitch Embroidery". Glitch Embroidery is constructed with the special broken data for sewing machine. Nukeme glitches the data with binary editor and stitches with computer sewing machine.

Nukeme's "Glitch Embroidery" received the "Jury Selection" in Japan Media Arts Festival 2013. 


This work "Knitting Machine Hack and Glitch Knit" was inspired from the many experiments between knitting and computing. Andrew Salomone's works are leading the scene.  Artist duo Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet open to the public a lot of technical information and beautiful art works in their web "Knitic". Adafruit blog introduced way hacking the Brother KH-930e knitting machine.


In order to hack the our Brother KH-970 Knitting Machine to "Glitch Knitter", we chose the Arduino Due instead of the original circuit board. And a member So Kanno built up a control software with processing.


This project is supported by Emi Yamamoto (FabLab Shibuya Tokyo) 


Knitting Machine Hack and Glitch Knit from Duke Nukeme on Vimeo.





Github github.com/sokanno/KnitHack

glitchKnit tumblr glitchknit.tumblr.com


member are
Nukeme (fashion designer)
So Kanno (artist)

Tomofumi Yoshida (artist)
Emi Yamamoto (FabLab Shibuya Tokyo)


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