FUTUROTEXTILES AWARDS 2012 : 'Share your dreams and your creativity with the textiles of the future'

CETI (European Centre for Innovative Textiles) is launching the FUTUROTEXTILES AWARDS, the First International Competition dedicated to Innovative Textiles and Design.
A research centre of international calibre and industrial excellence in the fi eld of Advanced Textile Materials and New Flexible Materials, CETI is dedicated to innovation, prototyping and technological development.

To mark its opening, a number of events are planned for professionals and the general public: professional conferences, the exhibition FUTUROTEXTILES#3, Cetilab dedicated to business and cultural exchanges and the FUTUROTEXTILES AWARDS, an International Competition dedicated to Innovative Textiles and Design.

The competition is aimed at both professionals in architecture, design, landscape or industrial design (individual, agency or company) and students from higher education establishments.
FUTUROTEXTILES AWARDS aims to promote in general and the use of new fl exible and composite materials, in urban design and for everyday use.
It will sign the textile industry and textile design up to a policy of excellence and launch CETI on the international stage by making the metropolis part of an economic, scientifi c and creative dynamic.
The challenge is to highlight one’s creativity to develop the textiles of the future or discover new applications.
>>>>The final date for receipt of entries is the 6th of April 2012 – Midday. No participation fee is required. Winners and Nominees shall be announced in June 2012 and may attend to the CETI’sopening.

Apllication form to download


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