From Cyborg to Geek Chic, Google Glass Gets Kinda Stylish

A few weeks ago I became a Glass Explorer but I have yet to wear Glass out in public. It just draws too much attention — and I live in LA — so that says quite a lot. It makes me self-conscious and nervous and I don’t like people staring at me. Other explorers are more bold and perhaps welcome the attention. But not me. 

Google just released the Titanium Collection,  a set of four more stylish frames that takes into account the different shape of people’s faces. Currently it’s only available in black so I’ll hold out for the tortoise pair because I’m sure it’s soon to come (fingers crossed). Practically, the new frames are prescription so those that don’t wear contacts can now too wear Glass. 


Google’s move to make more fashionable glasses is a response to the criticism that Glass turns us into cyborgs. But is playing up the black-rimmed geek chic aspect enough? 



It is a step in the right direction. Once the technology gets small enough so it can be more discrete, the aesthetics of Glass will become a non-issue. 


Will these new frames make me less self-conscious? Probably not since I got the white pair of Glass and coupling them with black seems just as awkward. Now I wish I had gotten the black instead.

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