DIY Biohacking: Experimenting with Implanting Biochips

It's difficult to completely digest the implications of this video. The the simple questions around data ownership  and the ethical implications of wearable technology become expounded once individuals begin to hack their own bodies without the blessing of the medical community. 

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Comment by Glenn Zucman on July 1, 2014 at 10:11am

I hadn't seen this video before. Lots to think about. (gawd it's a large device!) I've followed Stelarc's work for years, and he raises many of the same questions. I had a conversation with Andrew Glassner a few years back and he was convinced that one generation's cultural/ethical "bright red 'do not cross' line" would be another generation's "yeah, so what?"

Coming from the other direction, what concerns me a lot is private ownership of public biology. As in large corporations patenting parts of *my* DNA, often with NIH funding no less.

Comment by meg on November 1, 2013 at 11:03am

i must admit, it does make me feel a bit queasy, but that aside, it raises questions of ownership of the body as well.  it seems obvious to me that he owns his body and may do with it as he likes, but i'd be interested to hear what medical practitioners think about this.  i'd expect their opinions to be quite diverse.

on a purely technical point: i noticed he's using what looks like a LiPo battery.  safety issues aside (after all, he's a pioneer) it seems like a "wetwear" battery would really kick this stuff off.  i'm sure someone is working on this...

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