Crowdsourcing Wearable Massage

Developed by MIT students Carnaven Chiu, Xiao Xiao, Keywon Chung, and Peggy Chi , SOS: Stress Outsourced is a networked wearable system that allows users to send and receive massages anonymously. A new type of haptic social networking (or social therapy), SOS allows stressed individuals to send anonymous signals via the wearable to a global social network. In response, individuals within the network calm the stressed victim by sending them a "massage" stroke.

Crowdsourcing Wearable Massage
Illustration of Wearable

Each wearable consists of:
• a Signaling module to alert the network you need some love
• Response module for the network to send you some love
• Massage module to receive a nice soothing massage via the virtual fingertips of your anonymous network. The closer the individual is geographically to you, the closer the virtual touch is felt on the spine.

The video below is a great overview of how the prototype works.

This projects reminds me a lot of Cute Circuit's Hug Shirt — but hey why receive a virtual hug from a long-distance lover when you can have a virtual massage from many anonymous strangers. I personally prefer the latter ;-)

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Comment by eduardo motta on June 5, 2009 at 6:00am
i´d like to know more on this project

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