Bloom: The Emotional Side of Wearables


Bloom is an interactive wearable that visualizes the emotions of human touch. Developed by students Alex Akopyan, Andrew Chang, Yeieun Jang, Priscilla Lee and Carol Tu at Simon Fraser University, the project is a poetic exploration that reflects the innately social qualities of wearables and their ability to shift relationships by use of ambient technologies. 


A historical reference to craft, specifically origami, plays as a great of a role in this project as newer sensor and computational technologies. The flower on the wearable is crafted from paper inspired by origami patterns and deployable structures. 


The concept behind the project is rather simple: the metaphor of a flower blooming (opening and closing) is used to convey the sensation of physical touch. The sensors (force sensitive resistors) placed on the shoulders and back sense various types of touch: a pat, stroke, and a hug. When the touch is a loving caress, the flower opens. When it is an abrupt smack, the flower closes. 


LED "spores" also illuminate to reveal the positive spread of emotional energy. 


The intriguing aspect of the project is that it makes individuals accountable for their actions (you're aggressive touch is now revealed for all to see) and the wearer rather vulnerable by physically displaying their emotions openly. 

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Comment by Syuzi on April 21, 2011 at 11:33am

thanks Andrew, 


sorry for the oversight! Priscilla is now mentioned.

Comment by Andrew Chang on April 21, 2011 at 10:47am

Hi, Syuzi,

Thank you so000 much for noticing us.

It is very exciting to see our project featured on as this

is one of the sites we constantly visited for inspirations.

However, please include Priscilla Lee's name in the credits (the girl on the right in the video : ) ). Priscilla put more effort into this project than anyone else on the team and she managed the team gracefully. Without her, there is no way we could have finished the project.



Comment by Matt Dorsey on April 19, 2011 at 12:48pm
best application of servos i've seen in a wearable project.

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