Biometric Jewelry — The Heartbeat Necklace

Biometeric Jewelry

The Heartbeat Necklace is one of several biometric projects developed by the designer/engineer duo Vanessa Carpenter and Dzl. Vanessa and Dzl make up GeekPhysical, an interactive studio that "create[s] interactive experiences, installations, happenings, or playful rendezvous."

The necklace takes the form of a celtic knotted triangle embedded with a handful of LEDs that twinkle the wearer's heart rate.

It consists of a heart rate monitor (which the user wears) and a receiver housed on the necklace itself. The heart rate monitor sends the signal to the necklace which blinks out the heart rate.

Biometeric Jewelry

The necklace itself is made from a a custom circuit board which is painted black. The container in the back houses the battery and receiver.

Check out their site for more information on their biometric social interaction projects.

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