Beautiful Woven E-textile Tapestry

Woven E-textile Tapestry

E-static Shadows is a woven electronic textile, developed by Zane Berzina, that responds to electrostatic charges. Designed with hundreds of hand-soldered LED lights, transistors and a woven electronic circuit, the expansive textile display creates "transient shadows" in areas which detects a presence of electrostatic fields, feeding on the charges created by viewers and objects.

Woven E-textile Tapestr

Additionally, it functions as a sonic instrument that reacts to the intensity of the electrostatic charges.

Woven E-textile Tapestry
Cutting of the conductive threads in the weave structure in order to obtain a clean e-structure with functioning circuits.

The 3-year long development of the display is nicely documented on Berzina's site.

Woven E-textile Tapestry
Checking the electrical properties of the finished e-textile system.

The entire development process is pretty fascinating to observe. The textile circuit itself was developed on an industrial jacquard loom using conductive thread. The rest of the electronic components were meticulously hand-soldered in place.

Woven E-textile Tapestry
Soldering of LEDs

 Woven E-textile Tapestry
Jacquard Loom

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Comment by wholesaler on September 15, 2010 at 4:43am
Theses beautiful E-textiles are really good and very nice peace of work. You have made it with very intense care. Companies have done a lot work in this field and i hope that you come to a finalizing point means available to consumer easily.
I was reading on the web that the use of E-textile will be very helpful in the near future even for military purpose, but this too expensive to bear for daily consumer.
People are buying ordinary clothes because of its low cost. And if anyone buy textile in bulk quantity it will be more cheaper for them.
Comment by inga marie on March 3, 2010 at 7:00am
Gosh that's gorgeous!

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