Anthropomorphic Wearables: From Brain-sensing headbands to Wagging Wearables Tails

Kickstarter and Indiegogo, both crowdfunding platforms for creative projects, have been used to fund several wearable tech projects. Below is a selection of projects that use the body’s natural brainwaves or heartbeat as input for a sensor. These inputs are then analyzed and interpreted as an output, creating a feedback loop. Various technologies are used in each project to determine exactly what the user is thinking or feeling. 

MUSE: The Brain-Sensing Headband 

This first project is a sensing headband. Four sensors are strategically positioned on the headband, connecting to the wearer’s forehead. This enables the wearer to control applications and games, reduce stress, improve memory and concentration, and eventually to control devices directly with his/her own mind. 

By converting the wearer’s brainwaves into instructions, the wearer is able to interact with content on an iOS or Android device. This intuitively designed headband places control in the mind of the user.

The following two projects allow for very specific feedback through the device. Each device reacts with the wearer/user and allows the viewer to see a very specific reaction as to how the wearer/user’s feelings or their physical reaction to a situation.

EMOKI: Animal Ears You Control With Your Mind!

These fake animal ears move in reaction to the wearer’s  emotions. They can also be a conversation starter. Using Necomimi technology, the headset, which is specifically designed for this purpose, analyses the wearer’s/user’s brainwaves and move in reaction to these. The specific data is then interpreted.

There are  a variety of different ‘ears’ to choose from,  depending on your personal style.

Tailly: The tail that wags when you get excited

This project uses sensors to detect the wearer’s heart rate. As the wearer’s heart rate increases, the tail which hangs during periods of regular heart beat, begins to swing and move from side to side. This effect is reminiscent of an excitable or happy dog.

The creator of this quirky device describes it as an “extension of the users’ body”. It comes in a variety of authentic colours to create an authetic animal effect.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo offer an exciting, informative platform for creative people throughout the world and a form of exposure which lends itself to interdisciplinary practice such as wearable technology. These three projects allow for a feedback system between the user, the device and the viewer or environment and are extremely interesting. So if you have an incredible project which you need funding for in order to realise it, you know where to go!

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