The function of a model is that she makes a design look good. She as a person with a body is made somewhat invisible through the orchestrated walk down the runway, in which even the expression on her face is part of the set design. With the heartbeat dress fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht reflects on the position of the model in the world of fashion, by introducing a hard-to-control part of our biology, our heartbeat, in the context of the catwalk. Watch the video below to see model Carmen walk down the runway to the sound of her own heartbeat. While I know my heart would surely be fluttering with nerves Carmen seems to be strikingly calm facing the fashion week crowd.

The heartbeat dress was developed during Anouk's artist in residency for quartier21 / MQ Vienna Fashion Week and was made in collaboration with Stock Interfaces / V2 labs. The dress records the heartbeat of the model through a small microphone inside a stethoscope, placed in the heart-area. The sound is then fed back to speakers, which are embedded in the dress.

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