A Techno-view of the Traditional Latvian Crown

eCrowns is a project that reinterprets the ornamental Latvian crown — typically worn by single women —  through the lens of new materials and technology. Two crowns, the Sirius and Dancing crown, were developed by the  ecraftscollective as part of a transdisciplinary art center SERDE in Aizpute. 


The Sirius crown is a mating crowning of sorts that expresses to potential partners the "mood"  of the wearer. The status can be set to either welcome or ward off interaction with a flurry of green lights and jovial sounds or a warning of red lights and a screeching siren. 

The Dancing crown is a motion-sensitive crown that shimmers to exaggerate the wearer's movement. 


The eCrowns' charm is due partly to its heritage and partly to its handcraft. Lovingly crafted by hand, 

even the clumsy electronics were elegantly woven amongst the glass beads. 

Follow the details of this delightful project here.

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Tags: Conductive Thread, E-brodiery, Etextiles, embroidery


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