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Exhibition Pretty Smart Textiles in Belgium

After successful editions in The Hague (2010), Denmark (2011) and a mini-edition in Vienna as part of the…


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DENZIPFADEN: an haute couture music controller for fashion conscious DJs


Dutch fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra who previously wooed us with her seductive design for…


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Paparazzi Lover

Budding starlets craving the attention of the press now have a new way to ensure that all eyes are on them.
 Ricardo O'Nascimento's new piece Paparazzi Lover is an interactive dress that lights up when it's photographed. Feeding on the…


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Shades of Light's reconfigurable light textiles make e-textiles look effortless


One of my favourite designs of the last year has undoubtedly been Aoife Wullur's graduation project at the…


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Turkish Marbling with the Wii

Using Photoshop for making digital textile designs is well established, but the use of a Wii is definitely not. In her project ‘Movement and Interactivity’ Central Saint Martins’ student …


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Bacterial Motility: a second skin that grows and moves

In an effort to visualise bacteria cultures the textile collection Bacterial Motility looks to innovative technologies such as Shape Memory Alloys and 3D printing to create the most natural… Continue

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Dynamic Relief Makes Textile Animations With Air

Without a doubt this is one of the most elegant methods to create a moving textile that I have encountered thus far. Dynamic Relief by Industrial Design students Fauzi Al-Kaylani, Sander Bogers, Nicholas Nelson and Willem…


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Pretty Smart Textiles 2011 at Future Textiles

In case you missed it last year: this year the exhibition Pretty Smart Textiles is travelling to Denmark. Pretty Smart…


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The philosophers vest reveals the numbers that define us


The philosophers vest by contrechoc, artist name of Bram van Waardenberg, poses the question of whether there is a part of us that cannot be digitalised. In a reaction to our digital society it…


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Secret Keeper Gloves

Ever had a secret that you couldn't tell anyone? For all those people who really want to spill but shouldn't wearables designer Meg Grant has made the Secret Keeper Gloves.…


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Interview with Fashion Designer Anouk Wipprecht

Fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht is moving up in the world of fashionable technology. With a new piece of technogical couture coming out almost every other month we decided it…


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Social Skin Emotional Accessories

Finding ways to express yourself in a socially acceptable way may be hard when you're filled with emotions. Social Skin is series of moving accessories that help to improve the communication between people by expressing these emotions. The project resulted in three prototypes, out of which two are conceptual prototypes and the third, a necklace, is fully functional.

Social Skin is a project by Seçil… Continue

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A wearable pet to help you relax

Ref is a wearable pet made by Jens Dyvik for his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Ref is worn on the wrist and helps you become aware of your emotional state by sensing your heartbeat and mirroring your state of excitement through… Continue

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Anouk Wipprecht's Heartbeat Dress

The function of a model is that she makes a design look good. She as a person with a body is made somewhat invisible through the orchestrated walk down the runway, in which even the expression on her face is part of the set design. With the heartbeat dress fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht reflects on the position of the model in the world of fashion, by introducing a hard-to-control part of our biology, our heartbeat, in the context of the… Continue

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Symposium on Fashion & Technology at STRP

Premsela, the Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, will present a symposium on Fashion and Technology at STRP Festival in Eindhoven next month. The symposium hosts several speakers including artist Lucy McRae, fashion designer… Continue

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Sensible Music makes you feel the bass

Industrial Design graduate Stefan Zwegers collaborated with the Dutch Hearing Society to create earphones that will make you feel the bass in your music without ruining your ears. Sensible Music filters the low tones of the music on your mp3-player and uses vibration motors to create the tactile sensation of sound. The product… Continue

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Fashion Tech events at the Barbican

On 11 November 2010 the Barbican in London will host two events on the subject of fashion and technology: Future Fabric and What Future Fashion Fabrication? Both events are on simultaneously so it looks like FashionTech lovers will have to choose between the… Continue

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Pseudomorphs: dresses that paint themselves

Pseudomorphs is a system that lets dresses paint themselves. Following Intimacy, Dutch haute-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht continues her work on the theme of transformation, this time using the sensual properties of moving… Continue

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Intimacy Black

In December Syuzi wrote about the first Intimacy dress by Daan Roosegaarde, fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra and V2_. This dress uses a white e-foil that reacts to the… Continue

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Transforming Patchwork

Jale, which is Persian for morning dew or dewdrop, is a transforming patchwork by Heike Sperber, a MediaTechnology student from the University of Leiden. The patchwork uses a temperature sensor to trigger a change of seasons, so that when it becomes cold the patchwork shows the blue snowflake and when it becomes warmer the sun motive reappears.

The quilting technique of Jale is known as English Paper Piecing.… Continue

Added by Melissa Coleman on July 30, 2010 at 2:45pm — 1 Comment

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