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Novel Architecture at the MIT Media Labs

Novel Architecture is a project created at the High-Low Tech research group at MIT by students Jie Qi and Adrian Melia. It appears to be a continuation of an exploration in paper computing combined with pop ups that began with the Electronic Popables project.

Description of the piece from High-Low… Continue

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Soft Circuits Saturdays at Boston Mini Maker Faire

The first Boston Mini Maker Faire is happening on Saturday April 24 from 12-4pm. Come and meet some Boston Area makers sharing and demoing their projects as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. I will have a table set up with some of the weekend projects that I… Continue

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Drawdio in a Puppet

I love the Drawdio and have been meaning to buy one to play with for quite some time. Well, this weekend I finally got one in the mail and immediately started to brainstorm how to incorporate it into soft circuit projects. I ended up soldering some snaps to the board's contacts so I could easily put it in some prototypes. Here is one I made last night, a jellyfish-like puppet that you wear on your hand and 'play' like an instrument by… Continue

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Lady GaGa's 'Living Dress'

Image via

Yesterday Lady GaGa tweeted to announce the debut of the latest Haus of GaGa creation called "The Living Dress." Inspired by Hussein Chalayan's amazing shape-shifting fashions, the dress transformed GaGa into an angelic figure with moving wings and… Continue

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Hands-On Studios @ TEI 2010

Tuesday afternoon from 12-6pm, participants engaged in hands-on work and collaboration in 18 studio sessions held throughout the Media Lab building. Here are a few highlights of the studios that centered around wearable technologies, biofeedback, and soft sensors.

Measuring Biological Signals: Concepts and Practice, led by Sean Montgomery

Left: Sean during the workshop

Right: Vital Threads Feedback Apparel…

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TEI: Studios Recap Video

TEI Studios from jay silver on Vimeo.

I just got home from TEI, what an amazing experience! I was lucky enough to attend TEI on the first year that hands-on studio sessions were a part of the program. Here is a video that Jay Silver, one of the studio chairs, compiled for you all to enjoy. For more information on the studios offered visit the… Continue

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TEI Day 1: Quick Recap

TEI kicked off today with a great opening keynote by Professor John Frazer, who gave an overview of his work and a brief history of how Tangible Interfaces have evolved over the years. Two paper sessions followed, the first focusing on "Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds" and the second "Toolkits and Enabling Technologies". For more on paper topics visit TEI's program page. In the… Continue

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Soft Circuit Saturdays

My first post of 2010 is up at
Hope you'll join me as I research, prototype, and have fun with soft circuits weekly.

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Temperature Sensing Coffee/Tea Sleeve

Right now I am challenging myself to make a soft circuit project every weekend and this week's project was a coffee sleeve with LEDs and a temperature sensor from Aniomagic. It was inspired by their tutorial on 'smart coaster' and translated from plastic/wired to a fleece and soft version.

Above is a pic of the finished sleeve - the LEDs… Continue

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