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Moff: Wearable Smart Toy For Kids



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Fibers Software Transforms Your Fuelband Data into Art

Fibers is a lovely data visualization software that transforms Nike Fuelband data into artworks. The project was developed by data visualization artist Marcin…


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2014 FashioNXT Wearable Technology Fashion Competition

Here’s your chance to enter a wearable tech competition focused on making wearables more fashionable. The projects can be conceptual and it looks all you need are…


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Adidas Reissues Micropacer OG

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Adidas is reissuing the Micropacer OG running shoe with a built-in pedometer.…


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The Resurgence of Mass Customization: What It May Mean for Wearable Tech

Mass customization appears to be making a huge come back as companies are streamlining the production and manufacturing of personalized products. Mass…


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5 Wearable Tech Jewelry Pieces Targeted at Women

For women, smart jewelry has become the antidote to the bulky, smart watches designed predominately for the male, tech-obsessed market. At least, that appears to be the wearable tech trend for 2014. If historically jewelry was used as a…


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LEO —The Latest Fitness Wearable With Enhanced Biosignal Monitoring


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Michael Bastian Designs a Fashionably Smart Watch for Men

Fashion designers have become tech giants’ latest muse as companies like …


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Tory Burch Fashions The Fitbit

The greatly anticipated Tory Burch collaboration with…


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Digital Loom That Weaves Yarn in Three Dimensions

Oluwaseyi Sosanya, a graduate from Royal College of Art, has designed this amazing loom that can weave yarn in three dimensions. The printer is rudimentary at this stage, but…


Added by Syuzi on June 26, 2014 at 3:02pm — 1 Comment

Withings’ Activité — Enhancing a Classic Timepiece With Sensors

With the impending threat of smart watches making activity trackers obsolete,…


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Intel-Sponsored Extreme Wearables Designathon

I’m thrilled to announce the Intel-sponsored…


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Ringly — A Bluetooth Notification Ring That Lets You Know When You’re Receiving A Call

Just like fashion, wearable tech is being driven by trends. 2013 was the year of wrist-worn devices while 2014 will be driven by wearables that take the form of…


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The Next Black Documentary — The Future of Fashion

The Next Black is a must see documentary on the future of fashion design and manufacturing. Featuring…


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The Personal Space Dress

What we have been lacking in the last few years since the consumer electronics became enamored by the potential of wearable technology are playful wearable projects with a sense of humor. 

Meet the personal…


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3D-Printed Knitwear that You’d Actually Wear

For their AW14 collection, fashion brand Pringle of Scotland created lovely knit garments…


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Smart Insoles That Navigate You To The Nearest Coffee Shop

Navigation is a popular theme for wearable devices. Google Glass is great at taking you to the closest Starbucks, …


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Studio XO: The Future TechnoAtelier

Studio XO is singularly attempting to disrupt the fashion industry and what you and I define as fashion. Their vision is so poignant and each of their fashion tech experimentations so…


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Developing an Electronic Skin

Moving one step closer to developing electronic skin, Yonggang Huang, a…


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