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Venus: The Tougher Side of Interactive Fashion

Interactive fashion has seemingly ditched its sweeter illuminated pop-glam side for a tougher and grittier face. And its about time. 




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Kinetic Mp3 Jogging Suit

Kinetic Mp3 Jogging Suit

Industrial designer Rafael Rozenkranz has created a jogging suit embedded with an mp3 player in the garment itself. 

The spandex jogging…


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The Masai Dress by Studio 5050

The Masai Dress is an older project developed at Studio 5050 but since I just discovered the video (above) I thought it was worth a post.

The garment uses traces of conductive thread and metallic beads to trigger the playback of sound.

I appreciate this project's low tech approach. Rather than using an accelerometer to detect motion, the Masai Dress uses "motion sensors" developed from beads and… Continue

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Kinetic Fashion

I've been researching kinetic structures and mechanisms lately and I stumbled upon the above video of Kerry Jia Yi Lin's kinetic dress. I had seen this project before but never in live action. It's great to see the garment's movement in relation to the human body.

The garment essentially is a barometer for the wearer's stress levels. It uses a heart rate sensor to trigger movement of the dress.

The project is wonderfully documented at Lin's site so… Continue

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Interview with Vin Burnham: Designer of Lady Gaga's "Living Dress"

Lady GaGa — Living Dress

Vin Burnham is an international, award-winning costume and creature designer whose body of work is extensive and downright impressive —including costumes designs for feature films, television, opera, ballet and exhibitions.

She is the talent behind the Batsuit, the Penguin and Catwoman costumes for Batman Returns. She has created creatures for Jim Henson’s… Continue

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Squamata—Headphones with an Animated Skin

Squamata, designed by Jop Japenga is a prototype for an unusual pair of headphones with a dynamic skin. Much like a bird performing a mating dance, the headphones fluff their "feathers" or "scales" in reaction to the style of music.

Play Lady Gaga and the scales will exhibit an energetic behavior while a more mellow and moody tune will result in subtle movements. The concept behind the headphones was to… Continue

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Body Graffiti — A Kinetic Display Created Through Dance & Movement

Body Graffiti — A Kinetic Display

Body Graffiti is a performance art wearable technology that uses the illusion of persistence of vision (POV) to create ephemeral graffiti via body movement. As dancers (in this particular performance— break dancers) perform head spins, windmills and flares, messages programmed into the custom designed LED POV system are displayed.

I caught up with Younghui Kim, a New… Continue

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Kinetic Mechanical Skirt

There is something kinda nice about the analog interaction of Cooperjay Kim's kinetic skirt. Often when embedding sensor technologies into wearables, you are only privy to the reaction without really knowing the cause. Sensor technologies have a way of making the invisible (i.e. pollutants in the air) visible (i.e. LED patterns on dress) but the experience is entirely passive.…


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Tendrils: An Interactive Theaterical Costume

Tendrils—Kinetic Garment

Designed by Thecla Schiphorst in collaboration with Jinsil Seo, Tendrils is an theatrical costume that commands to be touched. Squeeze the draping tentacle-like structures and the dress "shivers" in response causing the colorful petals or scales to subtly move.

Actuated by a series of small, inter-connected motors and lights, the biological response "… Continue

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