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Make It Wearable Winners

Drumroll please... The winner of Intel's Make It Wearable development track is:

Nixie, a wearable, flying selfie-cam!

Yes, the above image is a rendering and at first glance it may look like a bulky piece of hardware,…


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Make It Wearable Finalists

The ten finalists of Intel's Make It Wearable Build It development track will be announced today, 3 November in San Francisco.  Your intrepid reporter is there to get the scoop. :)

You can participate by watching the live webcast NOW on makeit.intel.com and you can add your voice to the fan vote using the same link.

Yesterday, each team presented their hard work to a panel of judges and guests. …


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Interactive Synapse Dress by Anouk Wipprecht reveals wearer's metal states

Created by Dutch FashionTech Designer Anouk Wipprecht, modeled in collaboration with Italian Architect Niccolo Casas, 3D printed at…


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Richard Nicoll’s Illuminated Garment at London Fashion Week

Richard Nicoll  …


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Below are some photos of Opening Ceremonies debut of…


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The Latest Fashion + Tech Collabs

Fashion is the tech industries latest muse. Check out the latest announcements of future collaborations between tech giants and fashions brands. …


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Metamorphosis — A Kinetic Wearable That Responds to Alcohol Consumption

Metamorphosis is an experimental wearable that responds to the wearer’s alcohol consumption. Designed with pleated origami sleeves that expand and contract,…


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MICA The Smart Bracelet You Will Covet

Just before the start of New York Fashion Week, Intel reveals images of MICA, an acronym for “My…


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Wearable Tech at Fashion Week

As Fashion Week approaches, I anticipate seeing a lot of new wearable tech pieces hitting the runway. Fashion companies have embraced wearable tech accessories transforming…


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Ralph Lauren Fashions Wearable Tech



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Jennifer Crupi's Gesture Jewelery

A few weeks ago, I discovered the wonderful work of Jennifer Crupi while visiting the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design.

Part prosthesis, part fine jewelery, the collection hits a sweet-spot between art, craftsmanship, and critical design.…


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Moff: Wearable Smart Toy For Kids



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Fibers Software Transforms Your Fuelband Data into Art

Fibers is a lovely data visualization software that transforms Nike Fuelband data into artworks. The project was developed by data visualization artist Marcin…


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2014 FashioNXT Wearable Technology Fashion Competition

Here’s your chance to enter a wearable tech competition focused on making wearables more fashionable. The projects can be conceptual and it looks all you need are…


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Adidas Reissues Micropacer OG

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Adidas is reissuing the Micropacer OG running shoe with a built-in pedometer.…


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The Resurgence of Mass Customization: What It May Mean for Wearable Tech

Mass customization appears to be making a huge come back as companies are streamlining the production and manufacturing of personalized products. Mass…


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5 Wearable Tech Jewelry Pieces Targeted at Women

For women, smart jewelry has become the antidote to the bulky, smart watches designed predominately for the male, tech-obsessed market. At least, that appears to be the wearable tech trend for 2014. If historically jewelry was used as a…


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Energy Addicts Asks: How Far Will You Go?

Naomi Kizhner's critical design work Energy Addicts is a collection of three parasitic jewelery pieces that harvest energy from the wearer's body.…


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LEO —The Latest Fitness Wearable With Enhanced Biosignal Monitoring


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Michael Bastian Designs a Fashionably Smart Watch for Men

Fashion designers have become tech giants’ latest muse as companies like …


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