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Tory Burch Fashions The Fitbit

The greatly anticipated Tory Burch collaboration with…


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Digital Loom That Weaves Yarn in Three Dimensions

Oluwaseyi Sosanya, a graduate from Royal College of Art, has designed this amazing loom that can weave yarn in three dimensions. The printer is rudimentary at this stage, but…


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Textile Prints Made With Cabbage Dye and Electricity

Cindy Strobach uses red cabbage dye and electrical household appliances to create fascinating colorful printed textiles.  She created the work for her Final Show project at London's Royal College of Art.…


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Withings’ Activité — Enhancing a Classic Timepiece With Sensors

With the impending threat of smart watches making activity trackers obsolete,…


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Wearable sculpture critiques online privacy

Both stylish and provocative, x.pose is a "wearable data-driven sculpture" that makes us think twice about how much we reveal about ourselves online. The work is Xuedi Chen's ITP Thesis 2014, but is made in collaboration with interaction designer and programmer, Pedro Oliveira.…


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Intel-Sponsored Extreme Wearables Designathon

I’m thrilled to announce the Intel-sponsored…


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Ringly — A Bluetooth Notification Ring That Lets You Know When You’re Receiving A Call

Just like fashion, wearable tech is being driven by trends. 2013 was the year of wrist-worn devices while 2014 will be driven by wearables that take the form of…


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Space: What to wear?

In a news release last week on their blog, NASA announced the ForceShoe, designed by XSENS, a 3D motion tracking company. The shoe finely tracks pressure both in gravity and zero-gravity environments in order to analyze astronauts' performance during weight-bearing exercises.  Let's take a look:…


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The Next Black Documentary — The Future of Fashion

The Next Black is a must see documentary on the future of fashion design and manufacturing. Featuring…


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The Personal Space Dress

What we have been lacking in the last few years since the consumer electronics became enamored by the potential of wearable technology are playful wearable projects with a sense of humor. 

Meet the personal…


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Eroded Morphologies Workshop in Jordan

If you've been reading this blog for the last few months, you'll have seen some really promising 3D printing projects, including the beautiful work of Julia Koerner. Inspired? You now have the chance to immerse yourself in a programme focused on these…


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3D-Printed Knitwear that You’d Actually Wear

For their AW14 collection, fashion brand Pringle of Scotland created lovely knit garments…


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Interview with Davide Vigano of Heapsylon

In his annual "State of the World" conversation with Jon Lebkowsky, Bruce Sterling said: "When wearables arrive, I hope they're Italian. If you've gotta wear the damn things all the time, they ought to at least look elegant."

With that in mind at the Smart Fabrics Conference in San…


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Smart Insoles That Navigate You To The Nearest Coffee Shop

Navigation is a popular theme for wearable devices. Google Glass is great at taking you to the closest Starbucks, …


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Studio XO: The Future TechnoAtelier

Studio XO is singularly attempting to disrupt the fashion industry and what you and I define as fashion. Their vision is so poignant and each of their fashion tech experimentations so…


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eTextile Summer Camp 2014

Great news for expert eTextile practitioners: an open call for applications for the eTextile Summer Camp 2014 has just been published on etextile-summercamp.org.

eTextile Summer Camp 2013

Workshops at the 2013 eTextile Summer Camp. Photo: Meg…


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Developing an Electronic Skin

Moving one step closer to developing electronic skin, Yonggang Huang, a…


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Imogen Heap's Gloves Project

For the past four years, British musician Imogen Heap has been working on a wearable interactive musical control project called The Gloves Project.…


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Make It Wearable Video Series by Creators Project

Creators Project has created an incredible series of video interviews featuring designers, makers and thought leaders from the burgeoning wearable technology community. The series is part of Intel’s…


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