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Coding Cloth: The Future of Wearables

Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) recently published Coding Cloth, a Filter Magazine. The issue, a must-read for anyone interested in wearables, consists of a variety of articles written by pioneers in the field that discuss topics of electronics textiles and the future of wearables.

Two of my favorite articles were written by… Continue

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Wishing you much warmth and happiness this holiday season.

I'm gearing up for a re-design of the Fashioning Technology site for the upcoming year. If you have any requests for features or topics you would like to see addressed more, please feel free to email me. I always appreciate your thoughts and feedback.


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E-textile Installation: E-Satic Shadows


Created by Zane Berzina, an e-textile researcher at the Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles, E-static Shadows is a prototype of an electronic textiles system that creates "shadow patterns" in response to… Continue

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Bchito: A "Smart" Purse Prototype

Smart Bag

Pronounced bee-chee-to, Bchito is a "smart" handbag designed by Parson's student Jennifer Dopazo that reminds you of all the stuff you need to bring with you (in case you switch your bag). Equip with an RFID reader, arduino mini and other electronics,… Continue

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Jogging over a Distance — A Mobile Wearable System

Mobile Wearable System

Bummed that your favorite jogging partner just moved to another city? With Jogging over a Distance, a new mobile wearable system that allows joggers to socialize & motivate each other through the use of spatially distributed audio, you can connect with your jogging partner anytime and anywhere.

How the System Works:

In the first prototype… Continue

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LilyPad XBee—Creating Wireless Wearable Communication Systems

Now not only can your clothes sense but they can also communicate with each other. I am THRILLED that the tools to create wearables is rapidly expanding and the latest is the LilyPad XBee.

Co-developed by Kate Harman & Rob Fauldi, the… Continue

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Communication Apparel

Communication Apparel

For her thesis work at Parson's, Alis Cambol explored the future language of wearables with an emphasis on social dynamics. Her work, Communication Apparel, incorporates the non-verbal communication habits of animals into clothing.

The Lizzard Dress and Octopus cape are two prototypes that use responsive technology to simulate animal behaviors in response to danger,… Continue

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Designing Dynamic Textiles

Smart Textiles

Linda Worbin is a doctoral candidate in Textiles and Interaction Design at the Swedish School of Textiles in Boras, Sweden.

For the past several years, her work has focused on smart and interactive textiles developing beautiful thermochromic textile displays to electroluminescent pillows and textiles.

You can find some of her… Continue

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Wearable Toy Piano

Wearable Toy Piano

Great tutorial found on Instructables for a Wearable Toy Piano.

Project is a hack into an electronic kid's toy. Soft switches are used to control the keys. I love the aesthetics of the design. Well… Continue

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Styling Fashion with OLEDS

Fashion + Technology

Alfio Demestre, an Argentian designer, art directed (and I'm assuming created) these quirky fashion accessories to style this beautiful fashion spread. Now that would be a fun gig to have!

The photo above uses OLEDS (the good question is how did he manage to get his hands on OLEDs?!) The ones below use fiber optics and EL wire, respectively.…


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Tornado Dress

Electronic Fashion

The Tornado Dress is a wearable prototype by subTela studio. The concept is inspired from, you probably guessed it, tornados. The dress emits various lighting patterns in accordance to the amount of ambient light in the environment.

The dress is designed using conductive threads, LEDs, photocells and various other electronic components and the fabric of the dress itself… Continue

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Interview with Joo Youn Paaek

Wearable Technology

Self-Sustaining Chair

There is a great interview with Joo Youn Paaek on Rhizome that you guys should take a peak at. I had the pleasure of meeting Joo Youn this summer when I hosted texChange at Machine Projects.

Her work derives from observations of our everyday interactions with objects, environment and even each… Continue

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Title: 9V Tragedy

I've seen a handful of work by several artists and crafters making fun and quirky sculptures from spare electronic components, but none match flickr users Lenny&Meriel's delightful, and certainly humerous, mis en scene.

The Sparebots look so animated and the captions are downright hysterical. I want to see a 2 minute… Continue

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LED Dove Tutorial—Soft Circuits

Soft Circuit

For this holiday season, add a little glitter to your home or crafting/work space with your own LED Felt Decorations. No need for soldering irons: The simple LED circuit is entirely sewn by hand using conductive thread.

I recently created a new forum topic tilted "Fashioning the Holidays." LED Dove Ornament tutorial can be found… Continue

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Holiday Gift Guide — *things that glow

When searching for cool gifts to include in the Holiday Gift Guide series, I was curious to see to if there were any DIY equivalents to the readymade products that I found. And luckily, yes! So each gift guide includes a readymade product and DIY version that you techy crafters (or crafty techies) can create for your loved ones and friends.

Oh and btw each Gift Guide is themed — the first being things that… Continue

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